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Staying Safe Online

The internet is an amazing place where you can connect with friends, play games, discover the world around you and use it to help with your education.
It is also a place where you must follow rules to make sure you keep yourself safe when you are online.

Being Smart with Sharing

  • Choose a profile photo that does not contain clues as to where you live
  • Check your location settings – some sites, apps and devices let you share your location with other users. Turning off location settings
  • Don’t share your address, email address and mobile number

Think About What You Post
  • What you say online can hurt someone’s feelings, if you wouldn’t say it to their face then don’t say it online
  • Think before posting photos & videos, would you want your parents or teachers seeing it
  • Respect other people’s views, you might not agree with them but you don’t have to be rude

Stay Safe Rules
  • If you get a friend request or someone starts chatting to you online and you don’t know them, then ignore them and decline the friend request
  • Don’t meet up with someone you have met online. Even if they seem really friendly and you like them, you don’t know who they really are
  • If you see something online that makes you feel upset, uncomfortable or worried then leave the website and talk to someone who makes you feel safe
  • If someone is saying nasty things to you, sharing personal information or bullying you, you can block and report it

The best rule to remember is there are people who can help you with any problem or worry you may have.
Speak to a parent, carer, teacher or an adult you trust.
Even if it happens outside of school, we can still help and support you. Sharing worries turns them into smaller worries.

If you are finding it hard to talk to somebody then try Childline, they can help you with small worries to really big worries. They came to our school in February and told you that you can always phone them and they will listen and help.

Childline 08001111 don’t worry, just phone

For more information about staying safe online, click below.

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