Making Friends and Being Independent!

In Nursery over the last half term we have been busy developing our friendships and learning to be independent learners!  We encourage the children to do things for themselves for example putting their coats on independently, hanging their coats on their pegs, putting aprons on when they choose to play with the water or do painting, washing their hands independently, peeling fruit for themselves and opening their milks.

All of these things encourage the children to do things for themselves and to be independent learners within the Nursery environment!  They know where to find things they want to play with and they are learning to use the sand-timers to take turns with toys.

The are also so proud when they achieve these things - we are very proud too!

It is also so nice to see the children making friends with others, communicating with each other and helping one another as well.

We are a great team in Nursery!

Aspire to achieve            Believe in yourself            Care for each other

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