Our Senses

To encourage the children to think about their sense of taste, we brought in some different fruits and vegetables for them to taste. Then they had to use words to say whether they liked the taste of what they were eating or not and then use words to describe the taste.

The children came up with some great describing words for the fruits and vegetables - here are some of their ideas......

sweet, juicy, soft, nice, yummy, hard, crunchy, chewy,delicious

We are going to be doing other activities this week to learn about our other senses, these will include...

A feely game to develop our sense of touch

Listening games to develop our sense of hearing e.g.listening to animal sounds, guessing the sound

Painting with spices and mixing potions with different lotions to develop our sense of smell

Sorting colours to develop our sense of sight

We will keep you posted with more photos!

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