Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Johnson & Mrs Marriott
In Year 4, we are a hard working class who always try our best at all times. We enjoy sharing our ideas and showing what we have learnt through practical activities as well as more formal written tasks.

Throughout the year we base our learning around a topic.
The three topics for the year and the linked texts are:
Chocolate and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
Recycling and The Iron Man,
What a Wonderful World and Tales Told in Tents and Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf.

As Year 4 is such a key year, we are encouraged to be responsible for our own learning and behaviour. Our key rule is 'Respect' - for ourselves, our classmates, adults in the school, equipment and our class and school environment.

Our teachers hope that by the end of the year we will be confident, independent and enthusiastic learners, ready to face the challenges and fun in Year 5.

3 December 2016

Year 4 Topic Information Summer Term

(updated 12 May 2017)

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Sports Day

Take a look at our Sports Day photos.

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Printing & Painting Day

Part of our Art Day was to create work using printing techniques.

We chose leaf printing and Q-tips dipped in paint to create dots like Aboriginals use in their artwork.

Year 4 Class Assembly


A Tornado is Coming!

Year 4 class assembly was a news report about tornados for Channel 4 News.

Our budding reporters explained what, how and where tornados form in the world.

They even interviewed residents of a town hit by one so you could understand the devastation that they cause.

Year 4 finished with a rap that Ed Sheeran would be proud of!

Chef's Adopt a School - part 2

Year 4 are continuing their sessions with Harrison Catering, providers of Orchard school dinners, with their talented chefs who come in to educate them about food.

On the menu this session was bread!

Year 4 learnt how to get back to basics with bread making. They had lots of fun kneading, rolling and designing their bread roll.

The adventurous ones even managed to plait or twist their creations.

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Continuing with the theme of 'Recycle' Year 4 headed to Widehorizons to learn about how to recycle your rubbish.

They played a game of sorting out different items into the correct bins and making their own paper from mashed up recycled paper.

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