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Head Boy and Head Girl

At present there are 2 representatives from each class, with a Head Boy & Head Girl from Year 6.

School council discuss many issues and are responsible for sharing ideas with their class and making important decisions.
The school council enables the children to ‘have a voice’ for their school as well as developing many skills relating to citizenship.

A new School Council has been elected recently. This year we have decided to have a Chair and a Secretary. These were chosen by the whole school; four children spoke in assembly and were very eloquent in what they had to say and in arguing their case.

There are class representatives from all classes from year 1 to 6. Reception will choose two representatives after Christmas.

The Council has already set out broad aims for the year of addressing pupil concerns about Healthy Eating including healthy choices in school and packed lunches, the availability of fruit for Key Stage 2 pupils, and the organisation of the school library.

Meetings will be held once a month at least, and the older members will generate content for the School Council section of the website.

Year 1

Year 2

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Year 3

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