We want our children to leave Orchard Primary School as well rounded successful learners, who are independent and resourceful.

We offer a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum that is rich in knowledge and skills based. The children learn both in and out of the classroom. Their learning is enriched by our forest school lessons, whole school focus days, visitors, special curriculum days, class trips, and residential visits. Curriculum Overview

We are committed to well-being and mental health and offer a comprehensive range of opportunities to develop happy and healthy young people. Happy, Healthy Child.

Behaviour for learning is an integral part of our curriculum. Our aim is for our children to be autonomous and reflective about their responsibilities. This is underpinned by principled rules and values and is supported by a Restorative Justices approach.

We offer all of our children access to a range of extra-curricular activities, including: boxing, judo, karate, dance, gardening, boccia, choir, recorders, forest school and much more. This gives every child the opportunity to excel at something. Sports Premium

We believe that all children should experience a rich, wider curriculum offer and we have developed a programme of 50 things your child will do before they leave Orchard Primary School in Year 6. 50 things for your child to do


  • To structure a curriculum that meets the needs of the children at Orchard Primary School, ensuring that we nurture and develop the ‘whole’ child.
  • To deliver a comprehensive and cohesive curriculum that is knowledge and skills based.
  • For teachers to understand the importance of delivering a broad and balanced curriculum and to value their role in ensuring the meaningful progression of learning.

  • Policies and procedures are clearly shared with teachers to ensure effective delivery of the curriculum.
  • Appropriate strategies are used to ensure teaching is effective and challenging. This may include direct instruction, independent research as well as the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge in imaginative ways.
  • Children are encouraged to think creatively and work collaboratively to solve problems.

  • Our children will leave Orchard Primary School as well rounded, successful learners who are committed, independent and resourceful.
  • Our children will have opportunities to reflect, share and evaluate.
  • As a community, we will celebrate and share the success of our children.


  • Hook learners in with a memorable experience
  • Set the scene and provide the context for learning
  • Ask questions to find out children’s interests
  • Spark children’s curiosity using interesting starting points

  • Teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge
  • Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation
  • Provide creative opportunities for making and doing
  • Deliver reading, writing and talking across the curriculum

  • Provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking
  • Enable children to apply previously learned skills
  • Encourage enterprise and independent thinking
  • Provide opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving

  • Provide environments for reflective talk
  • Create opportunities for shared evaluation
  • Celebrate and share children’s success
  • Identify next steps for learning

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