Religious Education

Subject Leader

Miss Strudwick

The Curriculum

Religious Education plays an important role in preparing pupils for adult life, employment and lifelong learning. Religious Education enhances pupils’ awareness and understanding of religions and beliefs, teachings, practices and forms of expression as well as of the influence of religion on individuals, families, communities and culture. For example, by looking at themes such as compassion, forgiveness, service, charity, sharing friendship and understanding. We follow the Agreed Syllabus for Bexley when teaching RE. We look at a range of religions and find out about belief systems and practises. It enables pupils to develop respect for and sensitivity to others in particular those whose faiths and beliefs are different from their own.

Year Long Term Religious Education Plan for Years 1-6

All classes cover Christianity topics and one other religion.
           Year 1 - Judaism                Year 2 - Hinduism
           Year 3 - Sikhism                 Year 4 - Islam
           Year 5 - Buddhism             Year 6 - Big Questions
The curriculum has a real emphasis on key questions and encouraging the children to develop an enquiring mind to express feelings and to deepen their thinking.
Visits to Places of Worship
School Year 2015 / 2016
  • Year 1 – Judaism / Synagogue
  • Year 2 – Hinduism / Mandir Christianity / Parish Church
  • Year 3 – Sikhism / Gurdwara Christianity / Church
  • Year 4 – Islam / Mosque
  • Year 5 – Buddhism / Buddhist Temple
  • Year 6 – Christianity / Church

Festivals will be covered in assembly during the course of the school year and also in class linked to the religion and units of work the children are covering.
  • Year 1 - Hannukah / Judaism  - to be celebrated in December
  • Year 2 - Holi / Hinduism - to be celebrated in March
  • Year 3 - Vaisakhi / Sikhism - to be celebrated in April
  • Year 4 - Eid ul Fitr / Islam - to be celebrated in July
  • Year 5 - Wesak / Buddhism - to be celebrated in May
  • Year 6 - Epiphany / Christianity - to be celebrated at the beginning of January
Class teachers to arrange these visits and plan for when best to do them linked to the RE topics covered throughout the school year

RE Policy

RE Policy
How can you help at home?
We encourage parents to come in and support RE lessons by speaking to the children about their religion, family customs and to show artefacts. We also have good links to our local church.

Useful links for RE information:

Intervention programmes

Teachers plan effectively to meet the needs of the SEND more able / talented / EAL children.

Assessment Information

RE is assessed at the end of each half term by the class teacher. This is linked to the topics being covered. Teachers plan next steps for future lessons and highlight any misconceptions that need to be recovered. Teachers also take photos of learning that has taken place, group work and creative work.

Aspire to achieve            Believe in yourself            Care for each other

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