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The Curriculum

The Science curriculum in our school focuses on practical ways of teaching children the natural phenomena and concepts of the world.  We aim to teach this through practical science, which allows the children to learn and discover for themselves. This leads to the children becoming independent and inquisitive of the world around them.  Science is taught discretely as its own subject, but is mostly taught in a cross curricular way, embedding opportunities for science within the practical and engaging topics the children cover in their classes.

At Orchard we  plan opportunities for our children to learn through scientific investigations. We focus on developing children's investigative skills; in order to do this we facilitate children planning and conducting their own investigations in small groups. To encourage children to take an active role within their group, we allocate each child a role with a specific focus, this enables children to focus on developing key skills and ensures the active and equal participation of all group members. As the groups and roles are reshuffled each time this means that children experience and develop within each role.

The director is in charge of making the final decisions. 

He/she will split up the work for the rest of the group as well as settling any disputes within the group. 

The director is in charge of feeding back the groups’ ideas to the rest of the class.

The time keeper makes sure the group is working at the right pace. 

They watch the stopwatch/clock and ask for more time if necessary. 

If a stop watch is being used in the experiment this will be operated by the time keeper.

The scribe writes down ideas for the group.

The materials manager is in charge of collecting and putting away all equipment for the group.

The technician is in charge of carrying out the experiment. 

This includes: taking measurements and readings, pouring solutions or heating resources etc. 

Science Policy 

Science Policy Spring 2018.pdf

How can you help at home?
Children can be supported at home in Science, mainly by discussing what they observe around them.  Talking about the phenomena they witness can lead to greater skills such as predicting, analysing, generalising, and evaluating their findings.
The following websites may also be of help to your child:
Intervention programmes

All children in our school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.  The school aims to meet the needs of all pupils and this expectation is met in Science.
The needs of all pupils are met through: effective differentiation within individual lessons; adult support to scaffold learning and extend learning; promoting scientific skills as well as scientific knowledge.

Assessment Information

Science is assessed solely through ‘Teacher Assessment’ meaning the progress of your child is monitored by your child’s class teacher in an on-going manner, allowing your child’s individual needs to be met.

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