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Smile Day

On Thursday we all came to school replacing one piece of our clothing for a different colour and then paid £1 fine. Why you ask?

Well Mrs Williams, our business manager, is part of a charity called 'Smile International' who help people in Africa, Europe and Asia. They don't just help with food programmes, they also help communities to develop and empower them by providing training, tools and encouragement needed for them to become independent and able to provide for themselves and their families.

Education is also a big part of their goal as families have to pay school fees as well as the normal uniform and resources required for education. So they pay for their school fees, providing uniforms and shoes, as well as covering the costs of children’s exam fees.

What a positive message Mrs Williams brought to our attention that we can help not just our local community but as far field as Uganda all by working together by wearing a colour and donating a £1.

Take a look at Smile Charity Uganda's video.

Art Day

As part of our special curriculum days the theme this term was Art!

Each class took part in activities linked to art and they all took part in year groups to learn the story of blue and yellow. For KS1 they heard the story of two little dots, one blue and one yellow who were very good friends but one day they couldn't find each other and when they did they were so overjoyed that they gave each other a huge hug. They hugged each other so much that they became green.

The children had lots of fun mixing blue and yellow to create various shades of green and learning that more yellow makes a lighter green and more blue makes a darker green. Once the paint was dry, a collage of the paintings were glued together to create a wonderous scenery.

Have a look at the photos to see the masterpieces.

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View Photos (13)

Choir @ The O2

Young Voices, the worlds largest children's choir organisation is now celebrating it's 20th year of providing unrivalled musical experiences across the country. To mark this very special occasion, Young Voices held a collaboration celebration with the leading music therapy charity, Nordoff Robbins.

Our choir was part of over 7,800 children who came together with their teachers, friends and family to mark this special gala celebration.

Young Voices combines the power of singing together as one, with the accompaniment from a wide range of musicians and artists, to create an amazing performance.

The Young Voices were joined by talented artists from the world of music and dance - Tom Billington, Laura Wright, The Beatbox Collective, Urban Strides and of course ... Ben Haenow!

With a full live band, back singers and the internationally acclaimed conductor, David Lawerence, our children once again had an exciting and memorable musical experience at the O2 arena.

The atmosphere was electric and we all had a great time singing and doing our dance moves. All our hard work and practise was worth while!

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