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End of Term Celebration

We celebrated all of our achievements in assembly today. Reception class had the record amount of pupil attendance for the term. Pupils also recieved certificates, medals or trophys for swimming and the extra curriculum clubs we run at Orchard. Please watch our video to see what each class were learning in the Spring Term.

Spring Term 2016 from Miss Gage on Vimeo.

Grandparents Day

Nursery & Reception invited grandparents to attend school today.

Tea and cakes were served before our pupils took their grandparents on a tour of the school.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our pupil's extended family to come and see what a day in the life of their grandchildren involves.

Some were amazed how technology plays a big part and they also saw how hard even Nursery & Reception pupils work and progress at Orchard.

Year 1 @ The London Aquarium

Year 1 have been learning about 'Under the Sea' so Miss Shooter decided the best place to discover what lives in the sea was to go to the London Aquarium.

After the train ride, Year 1 headed into the dark surroundings of the aquarium to experience for themselves what creatures live in the sea and they were not disappointed. In the vast tanks they saw stingrays moving up the glass panels with their angel like faces and then they spotted the sharks much to everyone's excitement in the Shark Walk. In the viewing area they got to touch a starfish and then feed the stingrays and listen to an expert about where they live and their habitat.

Read more about The London Aquarium and photos on Year 1 class page.

World Book Day

All our parents know that today was World Book Day, after creating, making and purchasing costumes to provide Orchard pupils with characters from the world of literature and we had some costumes worthy of Hollywood costume designers.

But it is not about who had the most amazing outfit, the reason behind this day was to discover the amazing world of reading.

Reading is a big part of our everyday life and the more you read the more you learn! Some people don't realise how reading can take you on a journey just like playing a video game you enter another world and become the character.

At Orchard, we spent the day discussing the various stories we enjoy and each year group visited another class to read to each other. Remember to spend your £1 book token on the amazing line up of childen's literature available this year. Let's inspire our pupils to discover reading!!

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Year 3 @ The Natural History Museum

We went to the Natural History Museum were we went into the investigate centre and the children became scientists. They were able choose from a variety of objects (fossils, bones, insects, dead animals, animal skins and loads more) and they became scientists.
They asked questions such as where did the object come from, how long was the object? They drew a detailed picture of the object, weighed it and measured it and then came together as a whole class and shared their findings.

Read more about The Natural History Museum and photos on Year 3 class page.

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