Boys Noise

This half term we welcomed back CRIBS Boys Noise team, Jerry, Adam, Dan and Craig. They successfully run an after school club for six weeks and delivered weekly sessions of their popular intervention Heart Sense.

For some of the boys who have worked with the Boys Noise Team before there was great excitement to have the chance to meet with them again. They were able to have some refresher sessions on work they had done previously and join in the fun. For the new boys to the group they experienced a taster of Heart Sense and the club, which will hopefully be followed up in the summer term. “Watch this space”

Boys Noise does what it says, “Just For  Boys” however Mrs Lyman did manage to sneak in and take some pictures of the fun and discussions that were taking place.

We would just like to thank the team once again for all their hard work and remind parents of the boys that were involved that there is a chance to attend an adventure morning on Saturday 17th March 2018 from 10am -12pm. (Mrs Lyman has the details if your son did not receive a letter or has misplaced the one he did get!)

Please remember to support the Boys Noise this month in Waitrose, by dropping in the green tokens. Every bit will help and benefit the boys of our school too.

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