Mrs Gwillam gathered her choir troops, after weeks of practising songs and headed off to the Southbank, to go to The Royal Festival Hall.

The Bird College in Sidcup annually holds a Festival of Music, inviting over a 1,000 performers from London Borough of Bexley to showcase their talent in an evening of music from choirs, bands and orchestras.

The concert comprises three primary school groups: the Primary Massed Choir, the First Access Ensemble and the Primary Massed Orchestra. Also performing are the Bexley Secondary Schools Massed Choir, as well as Bird College ensembles, including the Bexley Choir, Intermediate Band, Concert Orchestra, and the flagship Bexley Youth Orchestra and Bexley Youth Band joining forces for the finale.

Our choir really enjoy attending this event and they also love learning the songs which included a couple of their favourites from The Greatest Show and a bit of Abba, can't wrong with those songs.

Thank you Mrs Gwillam and adults who had a very long day and night ensuring all of our pupils had a great time whilst remaining safe.