Hi I'm Head boy and this is our Head girl, we have been elected by our fellow Orchard pupils. To be elected into these roles we had to do a speech to the whole school outlining how passionate we are about Orchard Primary School and how we wanted to give back to the school which had helped and supported both of us since Nursery. We were then voted in by all of the pupils and staff in the school, so it is our pleasure to talk to you today about why we feel so positive about Orchard Primary School.

When we were in Year 4, the school introduced the project curriculum by Cornerstones. We really enjoy this way of learning as all our subjects are connected under one theme for example; in Year 5 we landed on Alchemy Island and for the next six weeks we undertook science challenges to be given the next destination on our route. Currently, our topic is called "Frozen Kingdom", we are learning about life in the Artic and Antarctic as well as life on board the sinking ship.

Our teachers enhance our learning by giving us real life experience during school trips. These are always linked to our topic and are some of the best memoirs we have at Orchard. For example, we have visited the place where Ann Boylen's head was severed from her body (Tower of London) during our topic on the Tudors and for our star gazer topic we watched a 3D I-max film in the Science Museum about our planet.

As well as visiting many inspiring and stimulating places of interest, our teachers also plan special curriculum days at school. For example, recently we had an evacuee day (on the actual day, 3rd September, that the Second World War was declared), we had a visit from a real life evacuee, made Wolton pie out of rationed food and created and learnt about gas masks.

Outside of the school day, we have enjoyed many of the fundraising events put by Orchard's PTA. Some of our favourites include: discos, film nights and the school sleepover.

Thank you for listening.