Our school team have a new football kit which has given the team a lucky streak.

The colour is blue to match our school uniform colour, not Chelsea as I thought!

Well so far we have played two games since acquiring the kit and I am pleased to say we have won both games.

Orchard played Royal Park, Albany Park, on Wednesday 8th February, and we won 6-3.

A home game with St Michaels, on Thursday 9th February, and we won 2-1.

What is the reason for this success?

Chun-Kit told me, "We got confidence and didn't waste that much energy."

Also Frankie.W shot from the half way line and scored an amazing goal, which our team celebrated with chest bumps!

Mr Cowley believes that the new black socks are the reason behind our success but whatever the reason is let’s hope it continues for the semi-final home game coming soon.

All I can say is "Come on you BLUES!" like I do for my beloved team.