As part of their topic, Year 5 have been learning about the Victorians and life during this time. 

It was a period with many changes, Queen Victoria was, until recently, the longest serving monarch of our country. England was changing drastically during the Victorian Era. Britain became an industrial superpower and produced significant amounts of the world’s iron, steel, cotton, textiles, and coal.

Because of this, the Victorians experienced many changes which was the start of our way of life today. It also brought a rise in poverty and huge changes in law to protect children from being exploited in work. You had to be over nine to work in factories.

It was also a time when children were regarded as being seen but not heard and schools were very strict.

To experience Victorian life, Year 5 dressed in character had went to Victorian school curtesy of Mrs Hannick, who was wielding a very scary cane. I wouldn't argue with her!

There were no exercise books, laptops, pens or even pencils, just chalk and slate and a feeling of not being worthy of being an individual or having an opinion. I bet Year 5 realised that this was a tough time to be a child and life is better now, by far!