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News and Newsletters

Newsletters are at the bottom of this page

Harvest Festival Assembly

The whole school came together in Gold Book assembly today to also celebrate Harvest Festival.

All week pupils have been bringing in food to donate for our local food bank which helps families and people who need

an extra hand in difficult times.

I think this year has seen a record breaking amount of donations of food for this worthwhile collection.

Each year group performed for the school with a song or poem.

My favourite would have to be Reception, as this was their first time performing to the whole school and parents, they all enjoyed it and I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more from our little superstars!

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Little Numbers Workshop

This week the children had story time and the book was “Whatever Next by Jill Murphy” Picture 1 Picture 2 and picture 9 Starting the story

Picture 3 Charlie volunteered to be the space man in the rocket. He has his spaceman’s helmet on too.
Picture 4 Charlie is in the rocket and on his way to the moon with teddy.
Pictures 5 to 8 Now it’s our Mummy’s and Daddy turn to help us make our rockets
Thank you to all the parents/ carers and nursery children who are coming to the workshop. This workshop is still free and run by the Family Learning Team. The workshops are very friendly and informal and a great opportunity for parents and carers to meet each other. We need six families to commit so that we can keep these workshops running in future.
If you haven’t already signed up and are interested in a place please contact Mrs Lyman or the Nursery Staff for more information.

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Individual Photographs

The whole school took part in their individual photos today.

The photographer spent the morning clicking away taking photos of each pupil and also family shots of siblings.

We do like a photo opportunity!

The envelopes with the proofs will be sent home over the coming weeks so remember if you want any then please fill in the section and send in with the money.

Reception Parents Stay for Lunch

Our new Reception pupils invited their parents and carers to stay for lunch on Friday.

They have all been amazing at trying the food and also sitting at the tables using their cutlery like the big children.

It can be a little bit loud in the hall when the rest of the school enter for lunch as it is a social place for our pupils to get to together with their friends.

Like every Friday, it was fish and chips on the menu.

I hope the parents & carers liked it as much as Orchard pupils do!

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End of Term Assembly

We celebrated our pupil's achievements for the whole year in this assembly.

We also watched the video to see what our whole school had been up to for this term.

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