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Bexley Selection Test and Selecting Secondary School

The 2017 Selection Test is now complete. 5931 candidates sat the test in Bexley this year, and the selective standard has been set at 214, with 1835 pupils being deemed Selective, including the Top 180 scorers who achieved a score of 251 or above.

Results will be sent by email during the morning of 5 October 2017, to the email address supplied at the time of registration. Please ensure you are checking the correct email account and that you have checked your junk or spam email folders before contacting us to advise you have not received your results. If you have still not received your email by 2pm, please call the Contact Centre on 020 8303 7777, or email selectiontests@bexley.gov.uk, to arrange another copy to be sent.

Results can only be provided to the email address used at the time of registration, unless a prior request to change the email address has been agreed.
The results have also been provided to head teachers. If you have any concerns about the score your child has achieved, please speak with their head teacher in the first instance, and if they agree that the score is not reflective of the child’s ability, they can submit a request for a review.

Format of the tests
  • Each test lasts 45 –50 minutes plus time for instructions
  • Separately timed sections of questions
  • Examples at the start of each section
  • Audio soundtrack with instructions on what to do and time warnings
  • Question booklet + OMR answer sheet
  • Most questions in multiple choice format. Some Maths questions
    are not multiple choice
  • Rough working can be done on question booklets

Test content
  • Comprehension
  • Verbal ability (including vocabulary)
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • CEM Entrance assessments are intended to provide as fair an
    assessment of ability as possible.
  • Assessing a broad range of abilities will provide a fairer selection
    process than a test that only assesses one area of ability
  • 50% of marks for verbal ability and comprehension, 25% for
    numerical reasoning, 25% for non-verbal reasoning
  • One age-standardised score covering both test papers

Getting ready for the tests
  • Coaching and tutoring are not needed
  • Test questions will be based on what children are learning in school
  • Some of the questions will be quite difficult
  • CEM does not sell practice books or papers
  • Encourage your child to read widely
  • Link to practice questions sent in registration acknowledgement
  • Schools may go through practice questions with pupils

How to apply for a secondary school place
  • Read the ‘Admission to Secondary Schools in Bexley’ booklet and get details about any schools in Greenwich, Bromley, Kent etc that you are interested in.
  • Decide on your preferred schools and make sure that your child meets the admission criteria
  • Complete a Common Application Form (CAF), either online or paper. Apply to your home Council regardless of where your preferred schools are
  • Apply online if possible: www.eadmissions.org.uk or visit: www.bexley.gov.uk/admissions for the link to the e-Admissions site
  • Paper forms available from primary schools and Council offices. Residents of other boroughs should get a form from their home Council.
  • Bexley residents can list up to six preferences for any type of school in any area, in order from 1 to 6. You don’t have to list 6 schools, but the more you list, the greater the likelihood of being offered a school that you would be happy with. All preferences are equal –schools do not know where you have placed them on your application form

How to apply
  • Include evidence for medical conditions or other requests for priority with your application. If you mention something on the form, you must provide evidence to support it
  • You must provide evidence of your address and your child’s date of birth.
  • Scan and upload evidence with online applications, or take copies to your primary school for checking. See the ‘Admission to Secondary Schools in Bexley’ booklet for full details
  • Supplementary Information Forms must be completed for some schools. In Bexley these are the three faith Academies: St Catherine’s, St Columba’s and Trinity. Check closing dates for SIFs as they may be different from the CAF closing date
  • Make sure you have provided all the information requested
  • Return paper forms to your primary school before it closes for half term, or send to the School Admissions Team

  • Schools that divide applicants into ability bands before allocating places will ask children to sit a Non Verbal Reasoning test in November or December. In Bexley, these will be Hurstmere and Erith Schools, Harris Academy Falconwood, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy and the Business Academy Bexley.
  • One test for both Erith and Hurstmere Schools, and one test for Harris and Haberdashers’ Academies
  • Banding is not a pass or fail test but ensures that the school admits a balanced intake of children of all abilities
  • Check each school’s oversubscription criteria to see how many bands there are and how places are allocated in each band. Children living quite close to a school may not get a place if their band is full with others living even closer, or the school uses random allocation to offer places (Harris Academy Falconwood). Some schools do not give priority to siblings or for medical reasons.

The offer process
  • All the secondary schools in Bexley are Academies and decide who offers will be made to. They must use the criteria published in the admissions booklet
  • The School Admissions Team exchanges information with the schools in Bexley and other local authorities
  • Schools put all applicants into rank order according to the school’s oversubscription criteria (eg children in care, medical and social needs, siblings, home to school distance)
  • If a child can be offered a place at more than one school, the one that is listed highest on the CAF will be offered. The other places can then be offered to children lower on the list for that school
  • The offer of a place will come from the local authority where you live, even if you being offered a school in another area
  • One offer only. You cannot hold offers of more than one place

Offers of places
  • If you complete the CAF online, you will be sent an email with the name of the school your child is being offered.
  • If you apply online and are offered your first preference school, you will not be sent a letter, only the email
  • If you apply on a paper form, you will be sent a letter with details of the school offered
  • If you apply online but are not offered your first preference school, you will also receive a letter with details of waiting lists and how to appeal
  • You will be asked to accept or decline the offer either online or by returning a paper slip
  • If we can’t offer one of your preferred schools, a place will be offered at the nearest school to home with a vacancy
  • You can ask for your child to be put on waiting lists for higher preference schools than the one offered.
  • Parents have the right to appeal if a school is not offered – contact the school for details

Online tips

  • Site is easy to use and very quick
  • You can apply right up to the deadline
  • You can go back in and change details up to the deadline  BUT Remember to complete all the fields
  • Add full name and date of birth of siblings in the correct field
  • Add any requests for priority on the correct field. Scan and upload supporting evidence or send copies to the School Admissions Team clearly marked with your application reference number
  • You will get an email receipt if the application has been submitted correctly. Without the receipt, the application may not be valid
  • If you do change anything, make sure that all application details are still correct before re-submitting

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