At Orchard Primary School your child's wellbeing and mental health is our utmost priority. Below you will find some information regarding the support we offer and services in Bexley that are available.

In school, we are able to provide support for a child's wellbeing in the following ways:

  • Talking to their class teacher or other trusted adult
  • 1-1 Mentoring and ongoing support for identified children needing additional support to discuss their feelings, concerns and worries
  • Having 'Draw and Talk or Therapeutic Play with a trained member of staff.
  • Counselling sessions for identified children
  • Attending Nuture Group
  • Friendship & Social Skills Sessions
  • Attending lunch time Friendship Club
  • Attending lunch time Chill Club
  • Sensory Circuits for identified children to support well being
  • Chill Zone for children to have “Time In”
  • Chill Club for relaxation and fun.
  • Boxfit
  • Boccia
  • Identification and support for any children who are Young Carer’s.
  • CHeWS consultations with parent/carer
  • Referrals to CAMHS when appropriate
  • Visits and workshops from external Agencies around healthy friendships/relationships and emotional wellbeing. E.g Tender, NSPCC, Boys Noise, Bexley Women’s Aid and the Charlton Premier League Primary Stars programme.
  • Healthy Eating and Exercise – E.g. Joy of Movement Programme
  • Use of internet and online safety.
  • Hot Chocolate Friday

If you have any concerns about your child’s emotional or social wellbeing, please talk to your child's class teacher, Mrs Gwillam (SENCO) or Mrs Lyman (Family Liaison Advisor)

As you will be aware, mental health and the importance of building resilience and good mental health capacity for children and young people, is very much in the news.

London Borough of Bexley also provide a variety of sessions for pupils, parents, governors and teaching staff, on the promotion of good mental and wellbeing of children and young people. E.g.:
  • Online Safety
  • Mindfulness
  • Self Harm
  • Wellbeing
For more information on future sessions, please contact Pascale Berthellet, Public Health Adviser for Children and Young People.

We hope this is a helpful reminder of resources and opportunities to help our children. Other useful websites that can support emotional wellbeing are:

Young Minds website:
Build Sound Minds website:


We were extremely lucky to have been chosen by Tender a charity who were commissioned by London Councils to deliver their Healthy Relationships project to one primary school in every borough in London.
The Healthy Relationships Primary School Project took place on the 16th and 17th of January. It was a two-day project with a mixed group of Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Tender’s aim is to help pupils develop skills for building healthy and respectful relationships. They achieve this through creative, drama-based workshops that explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of friendships, empowering students to consider their attitudes and behaviour in an age appropriate way, and encouraging empathy and respect for themselves and others.

During day one the pupils learnt how to:

  • Identify what makes healthy and unhealthy friendships and relationships
  • Identify safe and unsafe touch, and learn the NSPCC Underwear Rule
  • Recognise their rights as children and developing human beings

During day two the pupils learnt about:

  • Increasing their awareness of Harmful Practices such as FGM or Forced Marriage or Honour Based Violence.
  • Offer appropriate support to their peers and seek support if they need it.
  • Present what they have learnt to their peers during an assembly.


The BOCCIA Club, which is held weekly, is run by a qualified BOCCIA Coach, supported by a trained TA.

BOCCIA is a Paralympic Sport. It is a game of accuracy and strategy.
2 sides compete over a set number of ends in a game of attack and defend. The aim is to score as many points as possible by placing their set of coloured balls closest to the white jack ball.

To achieve this the children need to learn the following: focus, attention, planning, self- confidence, motivation, teamwork, resilience, pride, leadership...and enjoyment!


A weekly session with the trainers, which include many fitness activities including, skipping, circuit laps, cardio and boxing skills using the pads.
Not only do these skills help the children’s fitness levels but also teaches them control, concentration, perseverance and resilience.

The children also take part in mini competitions with other schools.

We ask parents of the children who take part in this activity to encourage their child to commit for a least a term to help the child really understand and get to grips with the skills.

Six weeks of weekly workshops with a Primary Stars Officer using the appeal of football to inspire selected primary school children.

The aim of the programme is to inspire children to learn, be active and develop important life skills using targeted interventions.

Monday lunchtime. A time for the children to relax and chill doing some therapeutic drawing, colouring or playing with play-dough.

A quiet space to talk 1-1 with an adult about any concerns or worries they may be having.

Weekly support sessions for identified children.

A safe and confidential time with a trained counsellor to share worries or concerns using talking therapy and the arts.

If you feel your child requires counselling please contact Mrs Gwillam or Mrs Lyman to discuss this further.


A programme developed for boys and delivered by big boys/men.

The Heart Sense programme consists of two weekly sessions over the course of 11 weeks focusing on developing emotional and social skills

The Boys Noise after school club provides a fun, safe and exciting space that can encourage the boys to develop positively, giving them value and a sense of belonging. The aim is also to increase their confidence and social skills.


A 5 week programme of Exercise and fitness, what the children should be doing and the benefits to them.

Bones, muscles and organs of the body, focussing on ten particular organs and how they help the children function.

Healthy diet, focussing on different food groups and what they do for the children and why exercise and diet are important.

Looking at hydration and the importance of this


The Orchard Room, which operates 4 afternoons a week, is our Nurture Provision. This offers a safe place where the child can develop emotionally and socially. The development of language skills, social skills and good behaviour for learning are key aspects of this provision. The focus is also on topic work, art and crafts.

The children enjoy opportunities to learn and explore outdoors in our Forest School area. The Nurture Room is facilitated by a trained TA who is supported by another TA, so the ratio of children to adults is 2:7.

The children respond well to the structure of the programme and really enjoy their chat and snack time of tea and toast!


This is a sensory motor skills programme which is used to help children who need support to develop their sensory processing and sensory integration.

A sensory circuit is composed of 3 parts: Alerting/ Organising/ Calming. Activities are tailor made to suit the needs of the particular child or small group.

Sensory circuits support children with focus, attention, eye contact, confidence and general well- being. A regular sensory circuit also helps the child to develop their physical skills: balance and co-ordination.

These skills can then be taken back into the classroom and playground, which improves their confidence in social situations. The sensory circuit enables the child to reach the level of alertness needed to concentrate and function effectively during the school day.


Drop in for parents, grandparents and carers with babies and toddlers. Very informal and relaxed with lots of toys and play.

Aim: A safe space to meet other parents/ carers share parenting tips and tantrums relating to the children.

A great way to socialise the children and get them use to coming into the school building. Tea and biscuits provided. Facilities to heat baby food / bottles etc.

Please speak or email Mrs Lyman on for more information

This is a lunchtime club that runs 4 days a week and is attended by small groups of children.

This club provides children a calm place to be during the busy lunch time. They are given many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities: art, craft, lego, play-dough, board games, W-fit ...and to develop their social skills.

This club is run by a TA who encourages the children to engage and socialise with their peers, learning to share and make compromises ....and to have fun!


Hot Chocolate Friday is a way of recognising a pupil who has gone ‘Over and Above’.

Positive recognition at Orchard lets pupils know that their hard work, give it a go attitude and consideration for others is valued.
Each week teachers from every class select a pupil or pupils who have shown one of these attributions and they are invited to visit the Head teacher/Deputy Head teacher for a cup of hot chocolate.

It’s an effective way to acknowledge a pupil’s actions and praise them. One to one contact allows the pupil and teacher to build their relationship and discuss all the reasons why they were the lucky student that week. Sipping on a nice mug of hot chocolate makes this experience more enjoyable and what more could a student want at the end of the week.


Jimmy Mizen was tragically murdered whilst visiting a local shop one morning.

As a result of this outcome, the Mizen family have started a charity to raise awareness for children to understand that actions have consequences.

They visit schools across the country to tell Jimmy’s story and encourage children and adults to work together to create safer streets with their “message of hope”.

Orchard invited the Mizen family to come and speak to our older KS2 pupils, to share what Jimmy was like as a young person, and what he meant to them as a family.

Our pupils listened to what happened on the day that he was killed, and how they each experienced this individually.

In the society we are living in presently, it was a valuable insight to learn that the actions we take have a massive impact on others and to experience empathy for victims and revulsion for using weapons to take lives.


Weekly support sessions for identified children.

Therapeutic play is a type of therapy that helps children to express themselves, explore their thoughts and feelings, and make sense of their life experiences through different play activities. Play is a natural activity of learning, exploration and communication for children and so, the medium is considered highly effective for helping children to 'play out' what they may find difficult to put into words.

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