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 Orchard Primary is looking to join the Primary First Trust and become an academy school.   

Please take a look at the following documents

              letter from the Chair of Governors  Frequently Asked Questions 

to help you get a better understanding of  the process and the benefits to our school.

Please take a look at the  Primary First Trust Parents Guide and Statement  to see what they have to offer.

 One question that has been asked is:

What are the reasons for wanting to convert Orchard and why can it not carry on as a single school?


Orchard Primary is a small one form entry school and one of the few remaining schools in Bexley maintained by the borough. The head teacher and Governors believe that by converting to an academy and joining The Primary First Trust (TPFT) will better support staff by delivering quality teaching and learning to our pupils. TPFT are specialists in the primary sector and are established operators of schools in Bexley and Medway. The ability to share and draw upon resources and expertise is a significant advantage to the present arrangements.

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