Orchard Primary School

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Good school attendance is one of the best opportunities that we can give our children.

Research and evidence shows repeatedly that regular school attendance improves outcomes for all aspects of development. 

All children are entitled to receive an effective full-time education.  A child missing an average of one school day per week, over their school life, only has 80% attendance. This is the equivalent to missing two full school years.

At Orchard Primary, we are committed to ensuring that all children registered at our school receive the full education that they are entitled to.

We work closely with our families and children, liaising with other agencies to remove barriers and provide support, enabling full participation in school.

We also meet with our Education Welfare Officer (EWO) on a monthly basis where the whole school attendance is monitored. Our EWO is part of Bexley's Education Welfare Service and they are responsible for;

  • supporting children, families and schools with school attendance issues.
  • Issuing penalties for persistent poor attendance.
  • Issuing penalties for holidays during term time.
  • implement statutory requirements including those for children in entertainment and child employment.

If there are queries regarding school attendance or the Education Welfare Service, please email;  educationwelfare@bexley.gov.uk

The UK Government have detailed information on how parents and carers can support their children to best ensure that they can receive their full education. 

You can access this here



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