Orchard Primary School

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Care for each other

Our Curriculum Intent

At Orchard we offer a broad, balanced and progressive curriculum, rich in knowledge and skills.

Our children have many opportunities to learn both in and out of the classroom. Learning is enriched by our forest school lessons, whole school focus days, visitors, special curriculum days, class trips, and residential visits.


  • To deliver a curriculum that nurtures and develops the ‘whole’ child.
  • To deliver a curriculum that helps children learn more and remember more by ensuring learning is sequenced purposefully and is adapted to meet the needs of all pupils, providing challenge for all.
  • To deliver a curriculum that reflects the ambition and aspirations we, at Orchard Primary School, have for our pupils; our curriculum offer is broad and balanced.



  • The design of our curriculum means that learning is sequential and builds upon prior learning; our curriculum helps children learn more and remember more. Teachers assess children’s understanding regularly and consistently through teacher assessment and termly assessments.
  • Staff receive regular training and keep up to date with the best and most effective teaching practices and pedagogy to make sure key concepts and information is delivered in the best way for learning to be part of our pupils’ long-term memory.
  • Learning is adapted to meet the needs of all of our children this includes challenge to deepen understanding.



  • Pupils at Orchard Primary School will show that they are making good progress by knowing more and remembering more, across our broad and balanced curriculum.
  • A range of assessments strategies will ensure any gaps that our children have are addressed through timely and focussed intervention.
  • Our children will be able to talk about their learning reflecting the ambition that all staff at Orchard Primary School have for them.