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Pupil Data

Each year, children in both Year 6 and Year 2 take tests called SATS in reading, writing and maths to assess the National Curriculum level they are working at in each of these subjects.

These tests are taken in schools across the country so we are able to compare how well our pupils are doing to other children in different schools. For a detailed analysis of how the school has improved over the last 5 years, please open the document called school data on the link below.

In Year 6, a pupil’s SATS results will give both a National Curriculum level and also show their progress across KS2. It is expected that most children will attain a level 4 and make at least 2 levels progress.

Compare school and college performance

School and college performance tables

Results 2019

Reading - 2.56
Writing - 0.79
Maths - 3.87