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The Parent and Teachers Association’s aim is to raise money in support of the school and forge closer links between home, school and the local community.

Your PTA is run by a committee which holds planning meetings and is based at the top of our school drive.

Throughout the year we organise a variety of events which we hope will appeal to all the different age groups and interests that make up our school community, Easter Egg Hunts, School Discos and Film Nights to name a few.

Funds raised by the PTA can be directed where the staff, parents and carers feel the money is needed most; refurbishing play areas or buying IT equipment for example.

How you get involved is up to you but please do get involved ! 

Whether you’re joining the committee or buying a raffle ticket – everyone’s contribution is equally welcome and valid. The PTA is a major contributor to school funds.

There are many ways you can help:

  • Participation (become a member, the more people, means the more we can achieve)
  • Donations and other requests for help
  • Coming to support events

Please read the newsletters which come to you via bookbags or the website calendar to find out what events are coming up, how you can help and how we’ve helped the school.

Thank you for your support

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